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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do our leads come from?

Our leads come from Internet-savy home buyers across the nation. We place ads in newspapers, websites, and search engines nationwide, reaching out to home buyers or sellers who are in need of a Real Estate Agent. Currently our buyer leads are generated via Google, Yahoo and Bing search on the sites: and Our seller leads via Google, Yahoo, and Bing on the site:

How much do they cost?

We are offering our leads at a tremendous discount to what you would pay from the large retailers. We offer our leads straight from the website to your inbox for $25/lead. Compare this to other lead retailers selling them for $50/lead or more. The best part is you only buy it if you want it.

What is our unique opt-in distribution network?

When a Real Estate Agent opts in to receive notification of a new lead that matches their chosen radius of their target zip code(s), we send an email preview of the lead to all the Agents on the list in that area. If you are interested in purchasing the lead, act quickly because the lead will be sold exclusively to the first Agent who completes checkout through PayPal and is a first come first served system.

Are there any upfront costs?

Absolutely not! You only pay for leads that you are interested in once you have opted in and are receiving the real time notifications to your inbox.

Are there any recurring costs?

Absolutely not! There is no monthly maintenance fee, and you can opt out of the list at any time.

How do I stop receiving notifications?

Simply opt-out of the distribution network by clicking the "Opt-Out" link at the bottom of the notification email.

How do I buy a lead that I have been sent?

Just click on the link in the notification email and you will be brought directly to your personalized lead management page. Here you will be able to preview, purchase, and manage your leads. We will also send you an email with the full contact info of the lead you purchased. We have partnered with PayPal who handles the credit card sales for our service, keeping your information secure.

What does a lead preview look like?

What does a lead with full contact info look like?

Do you offer any guarantees?

With, you will never pay for a disconnected phone number or for getting the wrong person - Guaranteed! In the rare event that you do need to return a lead, you must do so within 48 hours of your purchase, and it MUST be requested through your lead management page with a reasonable explanation. Our average rate of contactable leads is more than 60%, but we will replace bad leads even if an agent's rate will be as low as 12.5%. Unfortunately we cannot replace a single lead more than 8 times.

We are committed to providing you with the correct contact information of people who are actively searching for a home to buy or sell. Our guarantee only covers bad contact information, and we do not guarantee that every lead will turn into a sale or listing.

How can I find out how many leads are in my area?

Opt-in to the list and see how many you get. For the major metropolitan areas, you can expect 1-5 leads/day for your review. In more rural areas, you may not see any leads for weeks on end, but if you are opted in, you will have the opportunity to act when one does come in!

How many times do you sell your leads?

We only sell each lead once - EXCLUSIVELY to the first agent who completes checkout through PayPal.

How do I know these won't be a waste of my time?

First off, you are never forced to buy a lead. If after pre-viewing the lead and it looks like it could be a client you would like to work with, buy the lead. If the lead doesn't look like one you want for whatever reason, simply delete it! Your salesmanship and closing skills are ultimately what determine your profit.

I'm still not convinced. Tell me why your system is better.

Our experience shows that the average # of leads it takes to get one sale through our system is anywhere from 10 to 20 leads. So an investment of $250 - $500 should be expected to earn a commission of $3000 - $6000 depending on pricing and commission rates.

If I buy 15 leads ($375), what can I expect?

It is definitely a numbers game. If you were going to spend $375 on a mailer piece or on the yellow pages you would be given no guarantees that you would even get 15 leads. At least in our sytem you know you are getting opportunities to sell. Here is what our typical Agent does with 15 leads:

5 leads will be difficult to get a hold of. Of the ones you get a hold of some may not be very serious and you simply need to put them on a drip follow up campaign for a future sale.

5 leads may be interested, but only want listings via email until they are ready to act - follow up is critical!

5 appointments/showings will be set. Remember that internet customers are savvy shoppers and may be getting phone calls from multiple agents from other companies who want to work with them. It is a good practice to call your internet leads 3x/day until you get a hold of them. Of the 5 appointments you set, you may sell one property.

Result: 15 leads to sell at least one house. $375 to earn a $3000 - $6000 commission check is not a bad return on your investment! Actual results will vary based on your competitive advantage and salesmanship but don't leave anything to chance. We recommend trying at least 20 leads before you decide if this is right for you. .

Is there a way to ensure that I am the Agent who gets there first?

On our side, we are committed to keeping things fair between interested Agents. There have been reports of agents setting up their email accounts to notify them via text message or email on their smart phones when a new one arrives, so you will never miss an opportunity to be the first to buy a good lead and set an appointment or showing. This is something you must set up with your own cell phone provider if you wish.

How do I Contact

We provide excellent and timely email support at:

Wow. Let's get going!

Sounds good. If you haven't already, fill out the opt-in form and sit back and check your inbox frequently! Now go sell some houses...